'LABEL' MEENAKSHI CHANDAK is a proprietary home brand of firm Meenakshi Clothing the fashion house for women clothing and wardrobe. she has fusion of fabric blend, composition, design and tailor made goods. she emerges for contemporary, ethnic, designer wear are crafted, self designed, embroidered and seamless artisan excellence.

Our brand is more focused into Indian and western wear clothing for women & kids and area of interest for premium lifestyle collections to add more colors and flairs. our expertise focused into Mfrs. of Garments * Designing * Styling * Tailor made customized solutions, and to add on its direct D2C Online sales.

‘Divine’ urban clothing our USP brand launch in 2009 and its conceptual idea was/ is to create and develop a brand capable of combining esteem, modernity and mixnmatchw garments. she trademarks to enrich concepts, attire, poise, elegance, fashion with state of art technology and human touch, and to add on its direct D2C Online sales.

we follow textile and garment industry with lot of interests and sheer obsession, love for fashion now its beyond to explain for being 5 decades into business and our services offer more extensive markets and models of sales also includes Online e-Commerce. Our Garment lifecycle includes manufacturing, distribution, sales and supply chain an overall solutions to customers. we hope you enjoy our brand fashion and fashion at its best!! we look forward to. 

we as business are obliged to meet our customers in same order respect and regard to give our best services without any reservations or conditions, whatsoever, but however we do not support or encourage any personal remarks, issues, statements, opinions or comments in any form which would be disregarded if in case of any malafide misrepresentation pretentious intentions or actions of any person causing damages or breach to our business or its reputation.

single store, no branches, direct sales no intermediates.

EAT PRAY LOVE ..... ENJOY the moments :) Cheers!!!